t h e r e  a r e  m o r e  t o 


capturing life’s moments than awkwardly stiff posed photos, I believe in raw authentic emotional moments. I look for the unseen moments, and the moments you want to forever remember. I am constantly inspired by movement, love, and adventure. I crave something different and I enjoy capturing, and spending time with people who feel the same way. I aim to focus on what is real. Those real moments are what we live for. 


I reside in Sacramento with my wonderful other half, Happy. I’m a honey lover, plant enthusiast, and a mama. I love to travel, but I’m also a homebody at the same time! I’m a Jesus & people lover, I spend majority of my evenings reading, walking around my neighborhood, and making floral arrangements! I’m basically a 90 year old at heart. 

I want to know more about you. Let’s start a friendship and create something beautiful.